Nightmare Sequel Already Planned

Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller says on his Twitter that a 3D sequel to this weekend’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is “already in the works” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Despite critics ripping it to pieces, the new ‘Elm’ scored a $33 million haul on opening weekend, more than making back its $27 million production budget. Yet will a follow-up go ahead? The quote indicates a sequel is only in development, it hasn’t been greenlit.

Last year $19 million-budget “Friday the 13th” remake opened to $40 million but plummeted a disastrous 80% the following weekend and ended its run with a disappointing $91 million global haul. A sequel was already in the works the day after the first film’s release but recently Fuller admitted the project had essentially died.

Though they’ve remade many horror films, only one film of theirs is a sequel to a remake – “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” which scored utterly terrible reviews and a modest $51.7 million haul. If one does go ahead, director Sam Bayer has previously suggested he likely will not return.