Nielsen Tracks Amazon, Reveals “Boys” Numbers

Nielsen Tracks Amazon Reveals Boys Numbers

They’ve been doing it for Netflix for two years, now Nielsen has now added Amazon Prime Video to the list of the subscription-streaming services it tracks.

As with its Netflix metrics, Nielsen is looking at only a portion of Amazon Prime Video viewing – namely only connected-TV viewing within the United States – which excludes mobile devices, desktops, laptops and all non continental-U.S. viewing.

The trouble with that of course is that Netflix and Prime Video are available in most countries around the globe with much of their audience there.

Nielsen has released data for one Amazon Prime program – the acclaimed genre-bending superhero show “The Boys” which reached nearly eight million viewers over its eight-episode season in its first ten days. A little over six million viewers tuned in to the premiere episode.

Amazon is already in production on the second season of the show.

Source: Variety