Nielsen: “Bird Box” Did Score Major Eyeballs

Nielsen Bird Box Did Score Major Eyeballs

Netflix famously doesn’t reveal its viewership numbers except on rare occasions, usually when something proves a real smash hit. Third-party companies have been trying to find a way to quantify Netflix viewing stats and while they’ve somewhat succeeded, their scope is somewhat limited.

Even by those standards though, it has been revealed by Nielsen ratings that the streaming giant’s original feature “Bird Box” released last month has been a runaway success. According to the service almost 26 million people watched the Sandra Bullock-led film in its first seven days of release.

That number is the second most-watched program ever on Netflix, behind only the launch of “Stranger Things” Season 2 and even then only shy of it by less than a million viewers.

The number is notably lower than the Netflix-released number of 45 million viewers, but Nielsen only covers viewers in the United States (and even then only viewers via a specific way) so the disparity is expected. The film inspired the biggest meme during the holiday season and has seemingly put to rest the debate that a Netflix movie can be as much a cultural phenomenon as a theatrical release.

In the meantime, the design for a creature in the film has been revealed. As we know, the creatures take on the image of someone’s greatest fear and while we never see them in the film beyond silhouettes and floating leaves, one scene was to feature Bullock’s character meeting her greatest fear – motherhood – in manifested into physical form – a demonic man-baby.

When realised however, the final look was laughable enough those involved opted not to include it and leave the look of the creatures up to the audience’s imagination.

Source: The Wrap