Nicolas Cage Set For “Humanity Bureau”

Nicolas Cage is set to star in the science-fiction action thriller “The Humanity Bureau” which begins filming in British Columbia this week.

The story is set in 2030 after global warming has decimated parts of the American Midwest. A government agency called The Humanity Bureau exiles members of society deemed unproductive, banishing them to a colony known as New Eden.

Cage will play an ambitious and impartial caseworker who investigates a case appealed by a single mother (Sarah Lind) and her son (Jakob Davies). Rob King is set to direct from a script written by Dave Schultz.

‘Bureau’ will be shot in the Barco Escape multi-screen, panoramic movie format, while other portions will be shot in Virtual Reality. Kevin Dewalt, Danielle Masters and Kelly-Rae Buchan will produce.

Source: Variety