NIck Fury Returning For “Captain Marvel”?

There hasn’t been much in the way of rumors regarding the Brie Larson-led “Captain Marvel” film seeing as the movie is still some time away.

Earlier this year Samuel L. Jackson teased the possibility of his MCU character of Nick Fury appearing in the film. However there was a big question mark over that considering the actor’s Marvel Studios nine-movie contract is up once he wraps work on both “Avengers: Infinity War” and its yet-to-be-titled sequel.

Now, Omega Underground founder Christopher M. has tweeted that they’ve confirmed Jackson will be co-starring in the film, and that the movie has locked down a January 8th start date in Atlanta under the working title “Warbird”.

Previous reports suggested that filming will run through January until May. In the comics, the character’s real name is Carol Danvers, a United States Air Force officer who was caught in the explosion of a Kree device. Although she was able to survive the outburst, she resurfaces with superhuman abilities.

Jackson and Larson have shown they work well together having co-starred in this year’s “Kong: Skull Island” and him filming a role last year in her directorial debut feature “Unicorn Store”.