Nick Cave Won’t Pen Films Due To “Lawless”

Last year came Andrew Dominik’s acclaimed documentary “One More Time With Feeling,” a look at musician Nick Cave and the creation of his new album ‘Skeleton Tree’ which came in the immediate wake of his teenage son’s death.

Now, on the eve of a series of live performances, Cave is the subject of an expansive new profile for GQ in which he discussed his film work which includes numerous film scores such as David Michod’s upcoming “War Machine” for Netflix, and three features – starting with “Ghosts of the Civil Dead” and peaking with “The Proposition”.

Cave however revealed that it was his experience on his third film, John HIllcoat’s prohibition-era “Lawless” starring Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, that caused him to retire from narrative feature screenwriting:

“That was it for me, really. I think I can pretty much say I’m not writing another script… I was somehow under the impression that in Hollywood, your imaginative dreams could be realized in some magical instant, which is actually just not true at all. You know, there’s a gauntlet of enemies of the imagination that you have to run through, and see if you can get to the other side with some shreds of the original idea.”

The piece sees Cave also talking extensively about his unused “Gladiator 2” script in which the Roman Gods blackmail the gladiator Maximus, who begins the movie in purgatory, to kill the followers of a new religion whose rise is making them die off – Christianity.