Nichols Readies Teen Horror Breadcrumbs

UPDATE: The Mike Nichols directing “Breadcrumbs” is NOT the Oscar winning one, just someone with the same name. All other information contain within is correct.

Mike Nichols (“Working Girl,” “The Graduate,” “Charlie Wilson’s War”) has been quietly seeing actors in New York for his next project slated to be shot in the Hamptons.

Entitled “Breadcrumbs,” it’s said to be horror film along the likes of “Halloween” and “Children of the Corn” and will feature a cast of teens and 20-somethings.

According to, plot details are scarce but two of the leads play former porn stars trying to come to grips with life.

Other characters include an innocent pre-teen girl, an overdeveloped teenage boy, a former beauty queen, and the female porn star’s successor (both that role and the male lead role require some nudity).

The three-week shoot kicks off on Monday.