Nice Guys Gets Final Trailer, First Reactions

Warner Bros. Pictures have released the final trailer for Shane Black’s 1970s L.A. comedy noir film “The Nice Guys” which is set to open May 20th.

Running a full three minutes and mostly consisting of new footage of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe proving to be an excellent comedy team. The film has begun screening with the first social media reactions:

“There’s a chance THE NICE GUYS is the ultimate Shane Black film. Holy s–t is this one great.” – Andrew Woods

“The Nice Guys is great. Shane Black is full on Shane Black here and @russellcrowe & @RyanGosling could make a series out of these characters.” – Eric Vespe

“THE NICE GUYS is one of the movies I’m going to ask people about to see whether or not we can still be friends” – Connor Kelly

Check out the trailer below: