Nic Cage To Star In “Left Behind” Remake

Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to star and legendary stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong to direct the first of a proposed new trilogy of films based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’s Christian-themed “Left Behind” novel series says Heat Vision.

The sixteen book series is set in the wake of ‘The Rapture’, the Christian eschatological event in which that religion’s true believers are transported to heaven.

What remains of the world is shattered and chaotic, and from these ashes rises a Romanian politician promising to restore stability – a politician who is actually the Antichrist.

Cloud Ten Pictures produced three faith-based films in the series between 2000 and 2005 that starred Kirk Cameron. Shot for just $4 million each, the films were both critical and financial flops, while even the fan base took issue with the films as they strayed far from the book’s plots.

This version ups the budget to $15 million and is expected to be more along the lines of a classic disaster film with the action following survivors in the hours after The Rapture.

Paul Lalonde, one of the producers of the original, is also producing this. Shooting on the film would kick off next Spring in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.