NFL Could Fund Costner’s “Draft Day”?

The NFL could be investing a financial stake of up to $20 million in Ivan Reitman’s “Moneyball”-esque football drama “Draft Day” at Paramount Pictures and Montecito Pictures reports Vulture.

Kevin Costner plays a fictional general manager of the outgunned and outspent Buffalo Bills. Set over the course of a single day, it follows him as he parlays the first NFL draft pick (granted to the previous season’s worst team) into a series of trades that improves the lackluster roster.

Along the way he deals with his own family baggage and some surprising personal and romantic developments. Reitman and Tom Pollack will produce.

The league has previously been very hesitant about getting involved in TV and film depictions of itself, especially if they portray any of the more serious negatives about the multi-billion dollar industry be it long-term injuries to players to alleged rampant steroid abuse.