Next “Tintin” To Be “The Calculus Affair”?

Herge penned just twenty four Tintin stories, and Steven Spielberg’s new CG animated “The Adventures of Tintin” makes use of parts of three of them.

With sequel plans already in development thanks to strong reviews and even stronger international box-office, it seems one thing we expected looks to have already changed – which books will be adapted.

Over a year ago Peter Jackson, who is helming the second film, said that the plan was to adapt “The Seven Crystal Balls”/”Prisoners of the Sun” two-parter as the basis of the film. A few months ago however he indicated his desire had changed but he hadn’t made a decision yet. Even so it was thought ‘Prisoners’ could end up being the theoretical third film.

Now producer Kathleen Kennedy tells The Playlist that that particular story is out altogether – “‘Prisoners of the Sun’ was a very, very early discussion, and it isn’t under discussion anymore. We’ve still got Anthony Horowitz working on the second movie, and we don’t know what we’re doing with the third movie yet.”

The stories used in the first movie were employed because they introduced Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and their interpersonal relationship. So now Kennedy says “what we’re thinking [for the second film] is what new characters do we want to introduce? Well, we’ll probably introduce Calculus and bring him into the fold.”

Professor Cuthbert Calculus was introduced in “Red Rackham’s Treasure”, a book unlikely to be adapted as the ending of it makes up the last few minutes of the recent film. The absent-minded inventive genius however figured in numerous other stories where he would often drive Haddock to angry outbursts.

One such story is also one of Jackson’s personal favourites – “The Calculus Affair”, a kidnap thriller meets East European espionage story which has Tintin and Haddock racing across Europe to rescue him. Asked if that would be the basis, Kennedy says “We haven’t decided yet, but that’s the direction we’re headed.”