Next “Resident Evil” To Be A Prequel

UPDATE: One April Fools story always manages to make the rounds every year. This was the one that went widespread this year.

Rather than churning out yet another sequel, Screen Gems is reportedly looking to make the upcoming fifth chapter of their “Resident Evil” franchise a prequel to the original first film from 2002 reports Bloody Disgusting.

Entitled “Resident Evil: Begins”, Milla Jovovich will reprise her role as Alice although this will be the regular human incarnation before she became infected with the T-virus.

Jovovich’s role however is said to only be supporting with the main lead going to Sienna Guillory reprising her role as Jill Valentine which she played in the second and briefly in the fourth film.

‘Begins’ will follow Valentine as she deals with the initial viral outbreak in Raccoon City caused by the Umbrella Corporation. The 3D feature is currently targeting a September 14th 2012 release.