Next “Halloween” Film In 3D

Though the sequel opened to poor reviews and a notably smaller amount, The Weinstein Company is moving ahead with a third entry in the rebooted “Halloween” franchise for release next Summer.

Entitled “Halloween 3D”, the film marks the first time the long-running horror series has delivered a 3D entry. Unlike the previous two gore-soaked Rob Zombie-directed films, the studio is already in negotiations with a new director according to The Los Angeles Times.

Though they won’t name who, the director has experience in the genre and has a “different take” on the franchise.

The move is not unsurprising, “Halloween 2” opened in third place this weekend with $17.4 million, easily trounced by the 3D-heavy “The Final Destination” with $28.3 million. In comparison 2007’s “Halloween” scored a $31 million opening weekend and $58 million total.