Next “Doctor Who” To Be Young Again

The British tabloids have said that with the exit of Steven Moffat as showrunner at the end of 2017, BBC bosses are pushing for a complete top-to-bottom refresh of “Doctor Who” in 2018 when “Broadchurch” writer/producer Chris Chibnall takes over.

Metro reports that they wish a return to the format they had during the Tennant and Smith years – namely a ‘dashing male lead and young female companion’. The reason to skew younger? To boost merchandise sales of books, DVDs and toys which have dropped off sharply in recent years. There’s especially a push to get the show’s popularity back up amongst kids.

That’s not good news for 29-year-old actress Pearl Mackie who plays the new assistant Bill opposite Peter Capaldi’s current Doctor in the currently filming tenth season to air next year. Mackie is said to have been signed a one-year contract and is expected to leave with Peter Capaldi and Moffat after next year’s Christmas special.

The upcoming season includes stories such as a giant snake monster living under the Thames, one with killer robots with Emoji faces, and one which reveals the sinister real reason floorboards squeak. Its also been revealed that Rona Munro, who penned the final story of the original series run in 1989, will pen one of the episodes for next season titled “The Eaters of Light”.

What looks to be Capaldi’s last season in the role gets a Christmas special next month and then begins in earnest in April.