Next Caller Cancelled, “Suits” Renewed

The second cancellation of the new TV season (after CBS’ “Made in Jersey”) is unexpected – mainly because it’s for a show that hasn’t even aired yet. Deadline reports that NBC has scrapped its midseason comedy series “Next Caller”.

Dane Cook starred as a foul-mouthed satellite radio DJ forced to share the microphone with a chipper NPR feminist (Collette Wolfe).

Four of six commissioned episodes were shot before the network pulled the plug because “creatively the series was not going in the direction they had hoped for”. The already produced episodes will NOT go to air.

In brighter news, two well-regarded cable shows have scored season renewals.

USA has ordered a sixteen episode third season of their hit corporate legal dramedy “Suits”. The remaining six episodes of the current second season are scheduled to air later in the year.

Meanwhile Adult Swim satirical hit “Robot Chicken” has been renewed for a seventh season. Creator Seth Green revealed the next yesterday at the New York Comic Con.