Next “Call of Duty” Sales Could Disappoint?

Research firm Sterne Agee have announced projections that the upcoming “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” will sell several million fewer copies than 2013’s disappointment “Call of Duty: Ghosts” according to Cinema Blend.

In fact they’ve reportedly put an estimated figure on it – around 17 million copies rather than 20 million, a 15% drop. The reason is thought to be due to lower pre-orders for the game than ‘Ghosts’, a good indicator that launch sales won’t be as good.

One analyst suggests the downturn in sales is due to several reasons – previous gen software sales are off by around 50% this year, some consumers are still undecided about whether to upgrade to the PS4 or the XB1, and the disappointing reception for ‘Ghosts’.

However, ‘Advanced Warfare’ could beat expectations as pre-release buzz is strong and better review scores than ‘Ghosts’ could push sales numbers further up, as could the lack of direct competition due to the delay of “Battlefield: Hardline”.