Next Apple TV Goes Streaming

Apple will soon offer 99 cent TV show rentals as part of its Apple TV service relaunch. Offerings from Fox, ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel and BBC America will be made available reports Variety.

Users will be able to watch the shows for a month from the moment the episode is rented, and once playing users have 48 hours to finish watching it. Shows and films will only be available to rent, not buy, and will cost 99c per TV episode and $4.99 for new films, the later being made available day and date with the DVD release.

The new palm-sized Apple TV unit costs $99, will display films and episodes in HD, will offer Netflix’s instant streaming service, and will allow streaming from PC and Macs.

Other networks like NBC, CBS and The CW have yet to sign on but it’s hoped should the service be successful, they’ll jump onboard later.