Next “Apes” Will Not Tie Back To 1968 Original

Many have assumed that, eventually, FOX’s rebooted “Planet of the Apes” franchise will tie back into the events seen in the original 1968 sci-fi classic – even as soon as the upcoming third film in the series following this month’s “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”.

That may not be the case after all according to ‘Dawn’ director Matt Reeves. Speaking with Cinema Blend, Reeves was asked how many more films FOX can do before the audience comes back around to the events in the original 1968 film. Reeves replied:

“I think some people assume that we’re going to get back to the ’68 film, like, next. And actually… no. To me, the cool thing – people have asked me, ‘Isn’t it boring, because you know how it’s going to end?’

And I say that’s the best part about it. This world is nothing like that world. How do we get from here to there? Instead of being a story about ‘what,’ it becomes a story about how and why, which is all about character.

And if this is Caesar’s story, and the story of the mythic character that he becomes, then as we know in the apes timeline, Caesars begat other Caesars, and it’s a generational story. This is an epic journey toward the trajectory of that story.

It could be many movies. I think there are a lot of interesting stories that come, not only from Caesar, but from what comes after Caesar, his children, and his children’s children. What happens when humans return? All of those stories… it’s so rich.

And I think that it’s so cool that we know how it ends without knowing how we get there. Because that becomes the fuel for these stories. So it’s not going to be next, for sure. We are going to take a while to get there.”