Sigourney Was Considered For X3

By Garth Franklin Friday September 16th 2005 10:48PM

What can one say about Dan Harris. He's young, handsome, smart, already has a multi-million dollar hit movie under his screenplay writing belt ("X2"), is working on the "Superman" script, and has just finished his directorial debut - the movie "Imaginary Heroes" with Sigourney Weaver. Don't you just hate people like that.

In all seriousness though, he really is a good guy (something rarer in Hollywood than you'd think), and while in Toronto promoting "Imaginary" alongside Sigourney, he told the Canadian Press that had he and "X2" co-writerhad stayed with the "X-Men " franchise, he would've penned Emma Frost with Weaver in mind for the role.

Harris says "We were going to do X-Men 3 for a little while and our big secret or coup was - and it's not going to happen so it's OK - we wanted to have a character that was Emma Frost, a famous X-Men character. She's called the white queen. We were going to ask Sigourney to be it. She was an empath in our version of the movie which means she could control people's emotions...[She] could look at someone and make them cry on cue or hate you or be lonely".

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