Sneak Peek of the Batman Begins Set

By Garth Franklin Saturday September 16th 2006 10:25PM

When I'm allowed to publish, expect a full in-depth report from the London set of the new "Batman" feature film by new DH UK correspondent David King who checked out the set alongside various other Net reporters this week.

Already though some of the other attendees have put up preview articles which mostly discuss some of Christian Bale's comments in the near half-hour interview he gave to the dozen or so on hand.

Sci-Fi Wire reports that Bale is playing the Bruce Wayne/Batman character with a sense of 'feral duality' and uses a 'coarser baritone' voice for when he's dressed in the Batsuit - "I just saw it as a way of him being able to channel the clarity of mind that he must have had as a young boy when he first declared that he would get revenge. It's very difficult to maintain that throughout your life. It becomes a memory, and you know it takes a great deal of energy to maintain that sharpness of emotion. So I just felt that everything about him should become different [when he becomes Batman]. The look. The voice.

And also see that he's able to have his own life, somewhat [when he's Wayne]. Because it seemed to me that if he was just going to be Bruce Wayne in a batsuit, first of all, that seemed a little bit ridiculous to me. It would have been as ridiculous as any of us getting into a batsuit and genuinely thinking we could go out on the town and intimidate people. I think most people would probably laugh, you know? So you have to kind of really go for it in every way. And for me that kind of, you know, involved taking on a slightly beastlike voice, as I hear ".

IGN Filmforce has a report on the Gotham City set and vehicle - " The set itself is, to put it lightly, massive. The floor area is the size of 16 Olympic-size swimming pools and it would take 8,338 of London's double-decker buses to equal its volume. During the course of the day, we walked around the set, checking out the Gotham slums, the streets, Arkham Asylum and even an extensive viewing of the Batmobile and the Batsuit. The Batmobile is truly a sight to behold. Said to clear 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds, the vehicle features 400 pounds of torque housed within its stealth-like body. This is a vehicle of purpose. It's not slick, shiny or curvy, but its usefulness to the dark knight makes total sense. It is painted in a non-reflective flat black, has four monster truck tires on the back and two on the front, and a flip-top, tank-like hatch. When the engine roars to life and the beaming front lights are flipped on, this is one intimidating, bad-ass vehicle".

"Batman Begins" officially wraps its 126 day-long shoot today.
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