Milla Jovovich on Ultraviolet

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 8th 2004 11:56PM

Speaking with Sci-Fi Wire to promote "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", actress Milla Jovovich became quite forthcoming on the til now rather secret next project of "Equilibrium" director Kurt Wimmer which has been undergoing an exhaustive seven month shoot in China and Hong Kong.

Jovovich says "It's super cool. It's very different from Resident Evil, but it's a sci-fi movie, and there is a virus in it. But those are the only similarities". Indeed, no zombies but vampires this time. Set in the near future, "Ultraviolet" deals with a war in the 21st century between humans and those infected with a disease that turns them into superhuman but short-lived vampire-like creatures. The catch is, Milla is on the beasties side this time as she's one of 'em.

Of her character Jovovich says "My character ... [has] this sickness. It's an epidemic that's spread in the world where all sicknesses have been cured, ... except for this one epidemic that the government has created and in a way [is] using for their own benefit. But it gets out, and they're trying to annihilate everybody that has it. I'm on my last 36 hours of life when the movie starts, ... and my last mission before I go, because I'm a revolutionary, is to strap bombs to my chest and explode this huge government building".

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Thanks to 'Lee Jeans'.