Hawaii Five-O On A Bigger Screen

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 8th 2004 11:40PM

Almost four decades after its debut on CBS, Warner Bros has confirmed it will co-produce with George Litto Productions a long awaited feature based on the hit television series "Hawaii Five-O".

This new incarnation "will be a gritty, realistic cop drama set in the lush tropical setting of the Hawaiian Islands" which "Ocean's Twelve" screenwriter George Nolfi is penning.

The film's star and director will not be selected until the script is completed and then approved by the studio and producers said Litto to The Honolulu Star - "We are in discussions with a major director and have been in negotiations for some time with a major star, which will be ongoing until the script is finished". If everything is on schedule, the 80-day Hawaii filming could begin late next spring for a summer 2006 release.

However the green light has to be given first. A WB spokesman says "After Nolfi's script has been accepted, a budget will be determined, then casting will take place. Then the studio will determine whether the cost benefit works out in our favor. Is there a market for this film worldwide, and, if not, is there enough gross domestically to make it worth doing? If it comes out on the balance sheet, then we green-light the film and move forward to begin pre-production".

Sources indicate a major part of the $100 million film could be a statewide chase involving some neighbor islands in the chain, but it's certain both Oahu and the Big Island will be used for locations. The big question now is who'd make a better Steve McGarrett - George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas or Harrison Ford?

Thanks to 'Surfer'.