The Random Spiel: October 15th 2007

By Garth Franklin Monday October 15th 2007 07:12AM
  • A new photo is out from the set of Guerilla.
  • Does Bryan Singer want Terrence Stamp to reprise the role of Zod in the next "Superman" film?
  • As long as she's sober, Director Brett Ratner would like Lindsay Lohan for his Hugh Hefner Playboy bunnies flick.
  • Some clips are out from the zombie crime drama pilot "Babylon Fields" which was sadly not picked up.
  • Frank Darabont has confirmed that "The Mist" will be a "hard R" and won't be cut down.
  • Along with the Iraq-themed "Imperial Life in the Emerald City", "Bourne" sequel helmer Paul Greengrass is also mulling the Vietnam War-themed "They Marched into Sunlight".
  • Will Smith is turning his hit romantic comedy "Hitch" into a sitcom which he will produce (but not star in).
  • John Leguizamo has confirmed that he's already started recording voice work for "Ice Age 3" and is up for the role of Cantiflas in a biopic about the Mexican theatre and film industry comedian.
  • John August ("The Nines") has confirmed he is writing and directing a story for the spin-off series "Heroes: Origins".
  • Optimus Prime voice artist Peter Cullen says that he's heard that two sequels to this year's "Transformers" are in the works.
  • Those involved in this weekend's vampire horror flick "30 Days of Night" seem quite certain that a sequel will happen.
  • The next "Rambo" film's title looks like it'll be "John Rambo" yet again.
  • A script review of Mike Dougherty's superb looking "Trick 'r Treat" is out.
  • If this week's release of "Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour" is a hit, "Sarah Landon and the Shadow People" looks set to roll.
  • "Hackers" baddie Fisher Stevens has joined the cast of ABC's hit "Lost".
  • Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury talk about their plans for the "Hellraiser" remake.
  • A detailed breakdown of the animated opening scenes of "Enchanted".
  • The delightfully droll British comedian/host Stephen Fry has begun his own blog.
  • "Grindhouse" in double-bill form is finally going to screen in the UK.