Wayans Take On The Munsters

By Garth Franklin Tuesday August 24th 2004 02:50PM

sp; The Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter indicates that "The Munsters" are headed to the big screen, thanks mostly to the Wayans brothers.

Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Shawn Wayans have all struck a deal with Universal Pictures to take the classic 1960's television show about a family of friendly monsters who never quite get why people react in terror to them and give it a modern makeover that "will stay true to the original characters, but will place them in a contemporary setting".

The deal means the three Wayanses will write the screenplay as well as produce along with Rick Alvarez through Wayans Bros. Prods. There is a possibility that Keenen Ivory Wayans would direct, though no deal is in the works without a finished script.

Thanks to 'KarlChilders'.