Setting Colin's Penis Straight

By Garth Franklin Tuesday August 17th 2004 10:47PM

It's the cut (or more appropriately, 'frame upwards') felt around the world. Now after about a million words of inkspace per inch devoted to it, the truth about Colin Farrell's frontal shot being cut from indie drama "A Home at the End of the World" is coming to light.

Speaking with Provincetown newspaper The Banner, Michael Cunningham revealed what actually went on in regards to the famed shot which he confirmed was in there and why it got changed. It seems that when Colin started doing publicity for the movie, all anybody wanted to talk about in interview after interview was his dick (do you really need an interview situation to talk about celebrity genitalia?).

So Farrell called Cunningham and said, "You know, I gave a whole performance. I really dont want this to be about the penis. I would actually feel better if we could just use another shot" to which Michael said, "Of course". The spin version adds Cunningham is that Colin's wang was causing audience members to gasp in their seats, so "in the interest of public safety it was taken out". That's not true.

Thanks to 'TKO'