Superman Rumours Still Fly

By Garth Franklin Monday August 16th 2004 12:29PM

MTV reports that "Smallville" star Tom Welling told reporters at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards that he's signed on for a movie but is not allowed to discuss it, fueling rumors that he will star in Bryan Singer's new Superman movie. "I'm sworn to secrecy...It's too early" said the small screen Supes hunk. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. said the role has not yet been cast and Welling's agent denied all the casting rumours last week.

Meanwhile, <a href="" target="_blank">Superman V</a> reports that second unit filming could happen as early as late October / early November in Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. Principle photography is scheduled to begin late February 2005 with March 1st 2005 appearing on some recent casting calls. This would match with rumoured plans that Warners is targeting a July 4th 2006 release date.

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