Batman Chicago Presentation

By Garth Franklin Monday August 16th 2004 12:27AM

In what looks like compensation for the San Diego screw up, Wizard Universe reports that screenwriter David Goyer, director Chris Nolan and DC's publisher Paul Levitz revealed exclusive never before seen footage of the new upcoming "Batman" flick this past weekend at this past weekend's Chicago WizardWorld convention. The report includes a breakdown of what was shown:

"The crowd were treated to not only breathtaking glimpses of Batman training in the Himalayan mountains, but a rare look at one of the villains of the movie, the Scarecrow. Also seen was the Batmobile, in action for the first time, as Christian Bale told Morgan Freeman (after trying out a different colored version of the automobile) "Does it come in black?"

The scene following had the ultra-sleak Batmobile lumbering through a dark alleyway on its way to a crime scene presumably. Goyer and Nolan added the design for the Batmobile was chosen not because of what it looked like, but for what it could do. Nolan was always amazed that Batman had this vehicle but never really utilized it in any film, so a thrilling car chase scene is something fans can look forward to.

The montage included a seen of him suiting up in gear and terrorizing thugs on a heist. Lights exploded throughout the warehouse and the climax of the piece was when one of the crooks screamed, "Where are you??." Batman appeared behind him, upside down and with a chilling voice, "Right here!" before lifting him off the ground and into the ceiling".

Thanks to 'Antonello'