News Bites: Wednesday, August 11th 2004

By Garth Franklin Wednesday August 11th 2004 11:22PM

Hubble: "Syntax Entertainment has optioned feature rights to a biography about Edwin Hubble, astronomer and father to the Big Bang theory. Shawn Lawrence Otto, who adapted "The House of Sand and Fog" with Vadim Perelman, will adapt the screenplay. 'Hubble' is about the astronomer who, by the early 1930s, provided the observational evidence that led Albert Einstein to endorse the model of an expanding universe. Hubble's subsequent fame allowed him to hobnob with the likes of William Randolph Hearst and Charlie Chaplin, but also gave rise to a prodigious ego that wasn't above a good lie..." (more info). Imaginary Heroes: "Sony Pictures Classics has acquired the rights to "Imaginary Heroes" in North America, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. The film marks the directorial debut of Dan Harris, co-screenwriter of "X2: X-Men United," from his original screenplay. Pic will bow with a gala screening at the 2004 Toronto Intl. Film Festival..." (more info). Public Enemies: ""Collateral" director Michael Mann and Leonardo DiCaprio will collaborate on a drama about the great crime wave of 1933-34. Universal Pictures has purchased screen rights to "Public Enemies," the bestselling book by "Barbarians at the Gate" author Bryan Burrough. Pic will tell the story of how the government's attempt to stop Depression-era criminal legends John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd transformed J. Edgar Hoover's FBI from a powerless agency into the country's first federal police force..." (more info). Spielberg Mossad Project: "Steven Spielberg has set "Angels in America" playwright Tony Kushner to redraft helmer's untitled drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where members of the Israeli team were held hostage and slain by Palestinian extremists. Spielberg has also pushed back his projected start date from late this summer to June 2005..." (more info). Super Fan: "Revolution Studios has purchased Richard Murphy's "Super Fan," a comedy about the world's biggest football fan who decides to become the NFL's first male cheerleader. Roundtable Ink's Gina Matthews ("13 Going on 30") will produce with Grant Scharbo..." (more info). When a Stranger Calls: "Sony's Screen Gems has some scares in store. The label is planning a remake ofthe 1979 cult horror pic "When a Stranger Calls" and sequel "When a Stranger Returns." Jake Wadewall is penning the remake. Carol Kane starred in the original "Stranger" as a high school student traumatized during an evening of babysitting by a caller who repeatedly asks, "Have you checked the children lately?" After notifying the police, she is told that the calls are coming from inside the house..." (more info). Title: "..." (more info). American Gun: "Tony Goldwyn, Melissa Leo and Christopher Marquette have joined the cast of "American Gun" for IFC Films. Goldwyn will play Frank, a deputy haunted by the vicious accusations that he could have prevented the tragic shooting deaths of children at his town's high school..." (more info). Megacity: "Ronald Shusett, co-creator of the "Alien" series, is tackling another sci-fi/horror project. Shusett, who also was a producer and writer on "Total Recall," has teamed with comic book specialist Daniel Alter to option feature rights to the new title "Megacity". Set in the not-too-distant future, the series follows the exploits of an elite team of soldiers called Phobia, whose job is to stop psychic parasites known as pulses from possessing innocent people and turning them into monsters..." (more info). Untitled Family Comedy: "Columbia Pictures is tapping Mark Perez to pen an untitled family comedy that Diane Keaton is attached to star in and produce. Columbia, which is still in negotiations on the deal, is keeping the logline tightly under wraps, but, according to sources, the project grew out of a conversation on the night of the Academy Awards between Keaton and Amy Pascal..." (more info). Untitled Marriage Project: ""Batman" scribe Sam Hamm and Emmy winner Darin Morgan have teamed on an untitled project picked up by DreamWorks. The story concerns a marriage counselor, whose daughter is about to get married, who discovers that his future son-in-law is suffering from the delusion that he's a superhero..." (more info).2046: Monkey Peaches reports that director Wong Kar-Wai is still shooting his 2046. Since returning from Cannes, he has made some additional scenes with Maggie Cheung and Faye Wong. More scenes might be shot in Shanghai. As the result, Maggie Cheung's share will be increased from one-shot cameo in the Cannes version to a role with approximately 15 minutes scenes in the final theatrical version. 2046 will be released in China, including Hong Kong, late September. Alien vs. Predator: Clips of two fight scenes from the teamup are at Batman Begins: A pic of a Gotham police car is now online. Boston Legal (aka: "The Practice: Fleet Street"): E! Online reports that Freddie Prinze Jr. will guest star on ABC's Boston Legal this fall. The David E. Kelley series stars James Spader and William Shatner. Deadroom: Harry Goaz of "Twin Peaks" fame stars in this new movie, see the official site for details. Der Untergang: The trailer for what's said to be the biggest German movie production of all time is up at Moviegod. DVD News: Details and artwork are now up for titles like Hellboy Director's Cut, That 70's Show Season 1, Friends: Season 8, Harry Potter Collection, Intermission, Club Dread: Unrated & Garfield. Fear of Clowns: The official site for this rather odd movie is up at Fight Club: A trailer for the video game version is up at VuGames. Guardian Angel: Shooting begins this month on the Lee Woodford-directed Aussie indie horror film about a man who sees a series of murders through the eyes of the killer, the twist is, he knows all of the victims. Logan's Run: Remember the talk the other day that Warners had hired out Fox Studios in Sydney for two years, well it's tipped this will be the film shooting there after "Superman" wraps (which makes sense as Bryan Singer is helming both). North Shore (TV): Ent. Weekly reports that Shannen Doherty has joined the cast of Fox's North Shore. The producers are hoping she'll give the show a ratings bump the same way Heather Locklear saved Melrose Place. Phantom of the Opera: Nigel Wright talks about composing new music for the musical adaptation to Soundtrack.Net. Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis: CNN reports that two days of shooting will take place around the infamous Russian reactor which went into meltdown almost twenty years ago. Scarface: The famous Al Pacino film is being turned into a third person action shooter video game - I'm serious!!! Smallville (TV): KryptonSite reports that DC Comics hero The Flash will be appearing in the fifth episode of Smallville's fourth season. The incarnation of the character may, however, surprise fans - it's Bart Allen, known in the comics as Impulse and Kid Flash. Superman: More new crew details and working title info is up at Superman V. The Associated Press reports that Jim Caviezel is still interested, though no offer has gone out. DH's Tom Welling NOT involved scoop the other day has been confirmed by Welling's agent over at IESB who said in regards to the recent rumours that Singer offered him the role - "Its not true, there has been no offer" The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe: NarniaWeb has learned that Ray Winstone has been cast as the voice of Mr. Beaver in the upcoming Narnia film. The Devil's Rejects: Three new images from the Rob Zombie sequel are up at Bloody Disgusting. Thanks to 'Tirian', 'Kevin', 'David', 'Bat fink', 'Antoine', 'KarlChilders', 'Darth Nata', 'Gareth', 'HuVu', 'Brad', 'Cary', 'mb', 'Robert' & 'Donald'