Brittany Checks Into White Hotel

By Garth Franklin Sunday December 17th 2006 12:45AM

Brittany Murphy is in negotiations to star in "The White Hotel," a long-in-the-works adaptation of the acclaimed D.M. Thomas novel says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story centers on an opera singer (Murphy) who seeks out the services of Sigmund Freud in post-World War I Vienna. Haunted by hallucinatory dreams about a white hotel, she becomes Freud's famous case study Anna G.

Together, they unlock the key to figuring out her memories and her premonitions of the future, which include the Holocaust.

Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Isabella Rossellini and Nicole Kidman have been associated with the movie in the past.

Simon Monjack is directing the movie from his own script. A spring shoot in Vienna and Prague is being eyed.