Del Toro Talks Trailer - Updated

By Garth Franklin Sunday December 17th 2006 11:36PM

Over the weekend posted up an article in which acclaimed "Pan's Labyrinth" helmer Guillermo del Toro apparently confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures had agreed to finance a trailer for his adaptation of the DC Comic book "Deadman".

Most notable were two quotes from the Pan's Labyrinth director. The first saying "What happened is, I've gotten an incredibly beautiful offer from Warner Bros to finance a trailer. So they said we'll finance a trailer so that you can show us what you see the movie being like. And I'm going to storyboard and script a little three minute trailer ".

The other indicated plans to shoot the trailer early next spring, or during an off weekend on production of Hellboy 2: "We'll find a time when we're not distracted. That for me is like the Titanic. It's my Lord of the Rings. Not in terms of how much business it will make. It's just the quest - The EPIC."

Now confusion has come to light. The quotes may be accurate, but their genericness (ie. del Toro could be referring to any of the many projects he's developing including "Deadman") raised the suspicion of Devin over at CHUD who uncovered a Time Out article from last month with del Toro also talking about doing such a trailer. The key difference is in that interview he was referring to his long in development dream project, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness".

So which one is right. Whilst my "Deadman" interest is limited, anything he can do with "Mountains" I'm salivating for so I hope that's true. Most likely though he was referring to 'Mountains' and whomever sent the quotes into SlashFilm got it mixed up wiht "Deadman". See how little things can snowball.