Fantastic & Madagascar Sequel Talk

By Garth Franklin Tuesday November 14th 2006 08:30AM

Ben Stiller, who voiced Alex the lion in DreamWorks' hit 2005 animated film "Madagascar", told reporters that he's just starting the upcoming sequel, which will focus more on his character's backstory.

Stiller says "We're just ... starting recording it, very soon. All the animals head back to New York on that plane that ... was up in the trees, and then they crash in Africa. And Alex gets reacquainted with his real family, and it goes from there".

Meanwhile, Ralph Winter recently talked about the shooting status of "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" to f4 Movies and said "We will finish principal photography well before Christmas, now in our final weeks. Everyone is in good spirits as we begin filming the third act of the movie".

He added that a few visual effects shots are being finished up for the teaser due next month, most likely with "Eragon".