Writer's Block: Muskrat, Cell, Fly

By Garth Franklin Monday October 23rd 2006 12:04AM

"The Weinstein Co. has picked up Martin Sweeney's irreverent comedy script "Muskrat Love" with Andy Fickman ("She's the Man") set to direct. Storyline revolves around a self-absorbed player who dumps the perfect woman, only to be injected with a monogamy serum by the woman's vengeful best friend..." (full details)

"Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski ("The People Vs. Larry Flynt", "Ed Wood") will be adapting Stephen King's "Cell" which Eli Roth will be directing. The pair recently rewrote Matt Greenberg's script for the Stephen King adaptation 1408..." (full details)

"Vince Gilligan ("Tonight, He Comes", "Home Fries", "The X-Files") has been tapped to rewrite Neil Tolkin's script for "Fly on the Wall," a comedy that Will Ferrell is attached to at Universal Pictures. The story centers on an anti-social man who gets his life on track, discovering how to have a successful relationship and learning to truly believe in himself with the help of his best friend, a talking fly. Neil Tolkin was the original writer..." (full details)