Ridley Scott Excited Over Penetration

By Garth Franklin Sunday October 8th 2006 12:50AM

Director Ridley Scott spoke with recently about the next big project he has planned, a film currently dubbed "Penetration".

"The thing I'm doing next will almost certainly be something [based on] a book coming out, which is really about what's happening now in the Middle East, our complete misunderstanding of what's going on and how we're not dealing with it. Inevitably, [it gets] into the heat in terms of a man who is actually a par journalist that gets sucked into working on a peripheral level in a special department where he gets into real trouble in the Middle East. But it's so accurate" says Scott.

He continues "It's by a journalist called David Ignatius. It was called 'Penetration' which I think is a really good title for this, but it's now changing. It's coming out next March. It's a fantastic book! Anyone who has spent 30 years in Iran and Iraq and Syria, [who] can speak Arabic, is the man to come up with the right kind of notion, where the idea of maybe you can't have it tie off neatly because there isn't a neat ending to what is going on".

What about a "Gladiator" sequel? "It's possible. You can deal with that and bring back Russell. I know what to do, and you don't do a prequel".