David Beckham - Dr. Who Villain?

By Garth Franklin Wednesday May 26th 2004 05:04PM

It's not enough to be good looking, rich, married to the prettiest Spice girl, living in luxury in Spain and treated as a God by many an English man, oh no. David 'Becks' Beckham, the man whose sported as many 'new looks' as Madonna, may be in tabloid hell right now, but he - or rather a representation of he - is about to get a bit of a publicity jump if rumours swirling around right now are correct.

UK tabloid The Daily Record features an interesting spoiler "exclusive" about who the villains will be in the BBC's upcoming reinvention of the "Doctor Who" franchise. Here's the scoop and it's a doozy:

"DOCTOR Who is going to face an enemy even worse than the Daleks - in the shape of David Beckham. In the new series, aliens intent on conquering the earth use the waxworks at Madame Tussauds to terrorise the capital. A lifelike dummy of the 29-year-old England captain will lead a horde of modelled celebs in a raid on Downing Street. These could include Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and even Madonna. Becks, the leader of the sinister celebrity army, will blast everything in his path with a ray gun hidden in his left wrist.

The waxworks, who appear in an episode called Aliens of London, are under the control of a deadly extra-terrestrial race known as the Autons. They have no physical form but attack humans by manipulating anything made of wax or plastic.

A BBC insider revealed: "They plan to replace leaders like Tony Blair and George Bush with lookalikes from Tussauds but it fails so they bring a host of celebrities alive to attack Parliament." The Autons were twice thwarted in the early 70s. This time ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston will tackle Beckham's replica in one of the first episodes of next year's 13-part series. He will also face updated Daleks"
Thanks to Outpost Gallifrey & 'RamdanJ'