Pirates Sequel Splits DVD Format

By Garth Franklin Thursday August 24th 2006 01:36AM

The Blu-ray group had encouraged Disney Home Video to go same street date for both the standard DVD and Blu-ray editions of the year's biggest hit "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" this December.

Yet, DVD News Room reports that according to an insider, whilst a Blu-ray edition is "in development" the studio is planning a double dip strategy - "The strategy is to hit them up huge this Christmas -- make Pirates be the must have X-Mas DVD gift. Then, present a Blu-ray edition next year".

Part of the split could also be to ready the Blu-ray special features in time - "Director Gore Verbinski will be directly involved. Expect a couple commentaries with "integrated branching" -- one from the talent, the other focused on SFX".