Hotel Checks In 25 Years Late

By Garth Franklin Friday August 18th 2006 03:30AM

After 25 years and many failed attempts, D.M. Thomas' acclaimed novel "The White Hotel" has finally got a production start date - October 23rd reports Variety.

Thomas' surreal drama, published in 1981, revolves around an opera singer who seeks out the services of Sigmund Freud in post-WWI Vienna. Haunted by hallucinatory dreams about a white hotel, she becomes Freud's famous case study Anna G. Together, they unlock the key to figuring out both her memories and premonitions of the future, which include the Holocaust.

Producer Susan Stewart Potter and writer-director Simon Monjack ("Two Days, Nine Lives"), who both adapted the screenplay, claim they've raised enough money to cover the $20 million budget, with much of the coin coming from private equity. Shooting will take place in Prague, Milan and Latvia.

"White Hotel" has captured the interest of directors including Bernardo Bertolucci, David Lynch, Hector Babenco, Terrence Malick, Pedro Almodovar, David Cronenberg and Emir Kusturica. Stars connected at one time or another include Barbra Streisand, Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, Isabella Rossellini, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett.