News Bites: Tuesday, August 8th 2006

By Garth Franklin Tuesday August 8th 2006 12:59AM

The Brothers Bloom: Rian Johnson has given exclusive info about his new con man movie.

Dante: A marionette-type puppet version of Dante's classic Inferno tale? Check out the trailer at

Fantastic Four 2: John Ottman is confirmed to be doing the score again reports Bloody Disgusting.

The Fountain: Warner Bros. has updated the official site.

Halloween: Amber Tamblyn ("The Grudge 2") is rumoured to be up for Laurie Strode in the remake.

Hellboy 2: Doug Jones talks the latest on the adaptation to Now Playing Magazine.

The Hitcher: Part of the filming for the remake took place in July in Taylor, Texas. The city jail, a bank and one of the motels were used.

Hollywoodland: Photos of the Superman suit are up at IGN Filmforce.

Inland Empire: Justin Theroux talks about the David Lynch flick to Now Playing Magazine.

The Last Kiss: Zach Braff used his own handheld camera to shoot candid and irreverent vignettes with Rachel Bilson, Michael Weston, Eric Christian Olsen, and Jacinda Barrett of the cast. The first episode "The Dog Wash" is currently up on iTunes, with new episodes to come every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 6 weeks.

Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels: The Guy Ritchie classic is getting a swell new edition, see DVD News Room for details. The Messengers: Penelope Ann Miller talks the horror film to iF Magazine.

New Posters: One-sheets are out for Aurora Borealis, The Black Dahlia, Flags of Our Fathers, Hollywoodland, Pan's Labyrinth

New Stills: Photos are out for Aurora Borealis , Control, The Grudge 2, The Guardian, Invincible, The Nativity Story, Saw 3, The Wicker Man

Snakes on a Plane: There's video clips at IESB and a soundtrack review at Pop Syndicate.

Superman Returns 2: Chris Lee talks about the possible villains for the sequel to IESB.

Torchwood (TV): More details about the HD shooting confusion has gone up at TorchwoodTV.

Transformers: More photos from the set are up at Jalopnik and Latino Review

X-Men: The Last Stand (DVD): The DVD covers for the assorted editions are up at X-Men Films.