Kurt Russell's Escape From Earth

By Garth Franklin Monday August 7th 2006 12:13AM

Bloody Disgusting has picked up an interesting rumour. According to their source meeting was held at Paramount last week with both John Carpenter and Kurt Russell in attendance. The topic - preparing for a third entry in the Snake Plissken film franchise.

Entitled "Escape From Earth", Carpenter completed a script for the project eight years ago but the studio has now taken an interest in it after Russell demanded doing it before signing on with the studio for a three picture deal.

The previous films in the franchise, 1981's "Escape from New York" and 1996's "Escape from L.A.", saw the emergence of the classic anti-hero Snake Plissken which became one of Russell's most famous characters. A few years ago, John Carpenter developed a proposed Snake Plissken television series that was ultimately turned down by all the major networks for being "too dark and bleak".