Some Big 24 Storyline Details

By Garth Franklin Wednesday July 26th 2006 02:58PM

"24" actress Kim Raver and showrunner Jon Cassar attended the Monte-Carlo TV festival earlier this month and Ecran Large posted some excerpts of what to expect in the upcoming sixth season. What they revealed will surprise you:

Asked if she'll be back for Season Six due to her commitment to the new "The Nine" series next year, Raver replied "We've talked about it with Kiefer and we have a couple of options so that Audrey, my character, should appear in season six while I'll be shooting The Nine... we'll see if it's possible to do both at the same time. Furthermore, I would also very much like to be part of the upcoming movie".

Cassar reveals he plans to solve the cliffhanger left at the end of last season with the standard 10-minute 'prequel video' that'll go online and on the DVD set that the series has been doing regularly for the past few years. As for the threat situation this season? "In the past seasons, Jack always tried to prevent terrorists attacks but in season 6, one of the idea that we might picked up would be that these attacks already occurred at the very beginning of the season. What would be the situation if something like 10 nuclear bombs had already exploded in a raw all around the country?".

Cassar shot down rumours that filming would take place in New York? "I have no idea where this one came out from. All I can say is that we're starting the preps mid-July in L.A. and that's where we're going to shoot. Right now the screenwriters are working on the script and nothing is a 100% sure but if anything should happen in NY in the upcoming season, we would probably fake it in LA".

As for the movie? "Nothing is a 100% sure right now but yes, I'm the upfront director for the job [...] our goal is to get the whole crew working on the series involved in this movie. We don't want to give it to a director who's never done a single episode of the show. As for the actors, the only one I can confirm is a 100% sure right now is Kiefer (laughs)".