Vin on Riddick, Jena on Darko

By Garth Franklin Monday May 17th 2004 11:58PM

Speaking with Starburst, the gravel voiced Vin Diesel spoke about his turn in the upcoming 'sort of' "Pitch Black" sequel and the potential future of the franchise:

" I always knew that I wanted to explore the Riddick character and realized that the most exciting thing to do would be to explore the universe around Riddick, Diesel enthuses. We know who Riddick is he doesnt promise to save anybody, he has a lack of identity due to the fact he was never raised in a conventional way. He has abandonment issues and he just wants to be left alone. I love the idea of a guy who potentially could be so heroic, but because of his experiences and his outlook on life, isnt A: aware of what heroism is and B: probably isnt aware of anything outside of basic survival. Its often said on set, what makes this all the more challenging is that were not just making a movie were making a universe. Post-World War II, we had Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings as our mythology to buy into and then, in the Seventies, we had Star Wars. Our concept was to create a mythology that would take three films to explain, three films to adventure in, and a story that would take three films to tell".

Meanwhile Jena Malone spoke with LatinoReview about the plans in store for the release of the director's cut of the brilliant "Donnie Darko":

"It’s having its premiere at the Seattle Film Festival on the 29th of May. That’s going to be the opening. It’s opening that weekend in Seattle. We’re going to see how we do in Seattle and I think it’s going to open up to five more market places. Judging by that, it’s kind of a pyramid plan, seeing how much money it makes and how many people come re-endorse it. I’m stoked. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s really awesome for Richard as well. He really wanted this film to be very specific. He wrote it and shot it exactly the way it was in the script. And to take aspects of that out, as a director, I could see why he was frustrated. I’m just happy for him that he could finally have his vision out there".

Thanks to 'Gustavo' & 'Kellvin'