It's True, Europeans are Uncut

By Garth Franklin Tuesday January 13th 2004 11:20PM

The easy majority of the world, especially those Europeans, like things in their natural and properly intact way. However if there's one thing the US falls behind the international scene on is its butchery of something which may not seem important to some but provides countless hours of pleasure to others.

Well today on that issue, Fox Searchlight stood up and said "You're not going to chop off our most pleasurable bits" and got Jack Valenti to put away his snippers - deciding to keep one of their controversial new movies fully together when it gets released States-side according to Variety, even though this means it will be slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating.

That film is "The Dreamers" from Director Bernardo Bertolucci whose familiar with his work getting stern ratings in the US (his "Last Tango in Paris" scored an "X" when it was released 30 years ago, that didn't stop it from Oscar nominations though). 'Dreamers' is the sexy but risque tale of a young American student (Michael Pitt) who stays with a French twin siblings (Louis Garrel, Eva Green) in 1968 Paris where they "experiment with their emotions and sexuality while playing a series of increasingly demanding mind games to see how far they can push each other to go".

There's no disgusting animal torture ("Cold Mountain"), graphic suicide ("House of Sand & Fog") or gory violence ("Kill Bill") causing the harsh measure, rather just some graphic sex scenes and full frontal male nudity - you gotta love how insanely screwed up the MPAA is. Still, as a result of their decision this will be the first time in more than six years that an MPAA signatory company has distributed an NC-17 rated film (the last one was MGM's "Bent" in 1997).

Bertolucci himself says " 'The Dreamers' is finally making it to the U.S. in its uncut version. I'm relieved -- in so many ways -- that the distributor has had the vision to release my original film. After all, an orgasm is better than a bomb".

Amen brother!!

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