Reader Reviews: Jan 1st-13th 2004

By Garth Franklin Tuesday January 13th 2004 10:30PM

Not including the recent "Chasing Liberty" collection, its been a few weeks since the last 'Reader Reviews' section graced the news menu - mostly because after the Xmas flurry its been the quietest time of year for films whilst what new ones are out there aren't exactly films people are begging for. Today though the collection has built up again and its time for some good old fashioned probing: "The Weather Man" (Script) "There are some really great ideas in Steve Conrad’s "The Weather Man." There are also some really old ideas in it. The fresh material and the clichés battle like gladiators. In the end, neither wins completely, but the fresh material has a lot more scars...All in all, "The Weather Man" is a script I somewhat admire. It doesn’t play to anyone’s expectations and it certainly doesn’t give a goddamn about the way things “should” be. It has a perverse, oddball, eccentric capriciousness that I found refreshing. This was not your typical bidding-war spec. It has something a little different on its mind. If only all the good wasn’t split down the middle with traditionalistic, boring happenings..." (full review)

"Hellboy" "With two and a half months to go to complete the CGI and looping and put on the score, HELLBOY looks remarkably complete, likely due to the number of in-camera FX del Toro chose to use in the film. All in all, the movie looks like a truly great bit of monstermaking with a really strong and well-executed story, multidimensional characterizations, some amazing creature designs, a lot of Mignola-style dark humor and a truly beautiful look..." (full review)

"Mindhunters" "With most serial killer films, especially those with a name or two on the film's poster, it's usually pretty easy to predict who's going to be the killer, who's going to be the hero, and what essentially is going to go down for every minute of the film's duration. How refreshing it is then to discover that Renny Harlin's "Mindhunters" robs, shreds and rids of 'The dummies guide to making a serial killer movie" booklet and instead heads back into the annals for something genuinely original, surprising and wholly exciting..." (full review) "The Butterfly Effect" "Anyway, the story behind the film is good. It's well written, well thought out, and probably one of the main things that held the film together. The visuals are average and most of the acting is tolerable. The film is in a way like that of Final Destination 1 & 2, but I guess that may be because the same writers were involved on both projects. If you're looking for a good thriller, you will probably enjoy this. Personally, I like gore movies and films of that nature, but I have no regrets of checking this film out, which like I said, suprisingly enjoyed. Check it out..." (full review) "Thunderstruck" "Thunderstruck is an achingly predictable festival of the obvious and its sight gags go off with all the aplomb of a turd in a salad bowl. One of the worst films to come out of Australia in the last five years (and that's saying something), Thunderstruck is an insult to the intelligence of its supposed audience and one more kick in the spine of a film industry already rolling in the gutter..." (full review) "Torque" by 'Javan' "I recently attended the screening of Torque. And I tell you there was nothing special about it. The screening was held at the Texas station casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.The black biker gang Ruff Ryders were there so they made noise about there clan. The movie follows Martin Henderson a biker who flees with his 2 male pals plus his girlfriend Monet Mazuer from a bogus murder charged pined on him.Pursuing Henderson and his gang in the desert is Ice Cube whos brother was murdered by a rivalgang including Jamie Pressley( doing nothing but looking sexy as hell), which Henderson is blamed for Cubes brother death. Plus to FBI agents which are the most strangest pair in my life.I mean they look like MTV DJs. There are a lot of action scenes, you can tell they used stunt doubles. I almost laughed when I saw Cube's white stunt double on the train sequence, come on man they need to pay a little more attention to detail.You do see lots of fine women in skimpy outfits though. The hero ain't nothing to root for. The only thing going for it is Monet Mazursurprisingly. I mean this actress can kick butt, and hold her on thank you. Which is unusual in these kinds of films. Trust me, Mazuer is the girl to look for in 2004. I Cube let me down in this one because he doesnt seem that important. Wait for cable, or viedo store, its just a Fast and Furious on bikes to cash in on the teenage boys crowd. It aint nothing special"