Madsen Talks Fourth Indy Casting

By Garth Franklin Monday June 5th 2006 04:23PM

When Virginia Madsen was in New York to do press for "A Prairie Home Companion" opening this week in which she plays no less than the Angel of Death, Coming Soon asked the actress about the rumour that she was attached to a fourth "Indiana Jones" film. The talk began after quotes from her "Firewall" co-star Harrison Ford in February indicated he would love to have her on board.

"I think that's the best rumor I ever heard about myself," she said laughing. "I so hope it's true, but no, we never really talked about that. I talked to Harrison about it, as a fan. 'Are you really going to do another Indiana Jones movie? Have you found a script yet?' I don't know whether that was something that somebody picked up that he said. I don't know. I'm going to see him next week, but I'm too shy to ask him. I hope it's not a rumor that's ruining my chances".