Brett Ratner Talks Rush Hour 3

By Garth Franklin Wednesday May 17th 2006 11:14PM

Out doing promotions for "X-Men: The Last Stand", Director Brett Ratner let slip to iF Magazine bits about what to expect from the latest Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan team-up:

"The tough part is just the complexity of how it worked - coming up with a story that everyone agreed upon, a location and all of that," says Rattner. "We just make these movies for where we want to hang out. I wanted to be in Vegas and so we went to Vegas and I wanted to be in Hong Kong and we went to Hong Kong, and now with this one it's Paris and New York, which will be exciting"

As for the plot, Ratner says: "In the first movie the idea was that Jackie [Chan] was the fish out of water," adds Ratner. "He came to L.A. and didn't speak the language and so on. In the second one Chris went to Hong Kong of course. In this one they both don't speak the language. They're going to Paris and what better place because everyone hates the French".