Scoopage From The Saturn Awards

By Garth Franklin Thursday May 4th 2006 08:19PM

The 32nd Annual Saturn Awards took place this week in Los Angeles, and IESB was on site chatting with the talent that turned up about the current status and plans for their upcoming genre projects.

Director Jon Favreau, who recently committed to helming the "Iron Man" movie, believes an adaptation should stay true to the original and take into consideration the story that has already been told. Favreau also confirms he wants someone who will be available for sequels and so will likely cast an unknown.

Tom DeSanto, who's producing the upcoming "Transformers" movie, supports having Frank Welker and Peter Cullen for the roles of Optimus and Megatron.

Chris Nolan confirmed they "have come up with a great story" for the "Batman Begins" sequel and his work on "The Prestige" at present has allowed him not to worry about casting at this time - essentially rubbishing all the rumours up until this point.

David Goyer confirmed a script for "The Flash" will be delivered by the end of the month and he still hopes to have Ryan Reynolds attached to the project.

Finally, "Star Wars" producer Rick McCallum confirmed that the animated 'Wars' series will be first then the live action, the later being "all about character and that it will be a very dark drama unlike anything seen before in the Star Wars universe".

For the full video interviews with loads more, check out IESB.