Doctor Who Second Series Begins

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 30th 2006 11:34PM

The new series of Doctor Who was officially launched at a press gathering in Cardiff on Tuesday, where it was announced the eagerly-awaited second series will bow over the Easter weekend on Saturday 15th April in the UK reports The BBC.

A three-minute reel of clips showcased the rest of the series - "The highlights included squid-like aliens The Ood, shiny, unison-marching Cybermen, huge airships hovering above London, an astonishing CGI werewolf and Rose and returning classic series companion Sarah-Jane Smith engaged in an amusingly bitchy stand-off".

Actor David Tennant confirmed that "We did go to a quarry which is a Doctor Who cliché but it's doubling for a cave actually so it's not strictly speaking, the usual Doctor Who quarry". He also confirmed the finale "Doomsday" will be a cliffhanger, whilst 'The Satan Pit' two-parter finally takes the pair to a different planet - "Basically they find a 'darkness' which doesn't seem to have an explanation and even The Doctor is stumped by what is under the planet".

Its also confirmed that Rose's boyfriend Mickey joins the TARDIS crew this year. Billie Piper says "At first I think Rose isn't that keen on the idea as she likes to keep her life separate. She wants The Doctor to herself because she's selfish like that. But Mickey this year really kind of comes into his own... He saves the day". Tennant added "He does but it's the Doctor who decides to let him on board as Rose is far from keen".

Finally, Camille Coduri AKA Rose's Mum Jackie, revealed she takes her first trip in the TARDIS in a forthcoming episode. For further details and audio clips, click here