McGuigan Talks Equalizer Status

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 29th 2006 09:16PM

Out doing promotions for crime drama "Lucky Number Slevin", Scottish director Paul McGuigan spoke with Coming Soon about his plans for a film adaptation of the infamously violent CBS television drama "The Equalizer".

Will it still be an older guy? "I loved 'The Equalizer' for that very reason, because the character seemed so exotic to me. I don't know why. I asked about that. In the UK, they're doing a poll about who should be the Equalizer, and it will range from a young kid to an older guy. I'm more wanting to maintain the wise man thing, and make it a real man that plays it, rather than a young boy."

Where is the project at right now? "[It] hasn't been written yet, so I don't really know, but the Weinsteins are doing it". He seems sure though it won't be next as he has something else in the works - "I think the next one I'm going to do is going to be in the summer. I'd tell you, but I hate this thing where I can't tell you until it's signed, sealed and delivered".