Berman on Trek 11, Moore on 911

By Garth Franklin Friday April 23rd 2004 02:41PM

Producer Rick Berman today revealed to Dreamwatch and TrekToday that he has started work on what could eventually become "Star Trek XI" - "I am involved in the very early stages of what could be the next Star Trek movie. It's something I will be producing with two other producers". Whilst not revealing any plot information, he does confirm that it'll be a prequel.

Berman also revealed that he is currently working with fellow "Star Trek: Enterprise" creator Brannon Braga on a science fiction series set outside the Trek universe. Trekweb speculated that if project would indeed be picked up by studio Paramount for development as a full-fledged series, Berman and/or Braga might play a reduced role in Enterprise's fourth season

Meanwhile another man blowing his own horn of late is Michael Moore. The "Bowling for Columbine" Director confirmed on his official site that his next doco "Farenheit 911" has been selected by the Cannes Film Festival to premiere there in competition next month. This is only the second time in the last 48 years that a documentary has been chosen to be in the main competition (the first being "Bowling for Columbine" in 2002).

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