Ron Moore On "Galactica" Rumours

By Garth Franklin Sunday January 4th 2004 11:30AM

With all the talk over whether Sci-Fi will or won't pick up the recent redux of "Battlestar Galactica" as a TV series, writer/producer Ron Moore decided to address all the talk recently to sci-fi news site SyFyPortal and confirmed that the decision is still under review:

"We're still in discussions with the network, the actors' contracts have been extended until the end of January (that is the time period in which their options for series can be picked up) and I've been working on the show bible and the first few episodes in anticipation of a possible order. It's a complicated, ambitious show, and Sci-Fi Channel wants to understand all the economic implications before going to series -- pretty standard network procedure -- but I'm hopeful we'll get the pick up get the pick up"

Moore meanwhile is taking time out and confirms he won't return to work no the second season of HBO's "Carnivale" series - "I won't be returning to 'Carnivale' for its second season as I decided to concentrate on development and hopefully a BSG series".