UPN & The WB Merge To CW

By Garth Franklin Wednesday January 25th 2006 02:02AM

Warner Brothers and CBS Corp. announced plans Tuesday for the creation of a new broadcast television network, called CW, that would replace the WB and UPN networks in the fall of this year reports CNN.

The new broadcast network will draw on programming from both WB and UPN, and will be a joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS, with each company owning 50 percent. The new network has confirmed it will broadcast such UPN shows as "America's Next Top Model" and "Veronica Mars," as well as WB programs "Beauty and the Geek", "Gilmore Girls" and "Smallville."

In addition, World Wrestling Entertainment's "Smackdown," which has been a mainstay at UPN, is expected to play a role in the schedule. The new fall line up is expected to be announced in May. Both networks will cease operations in September, broadcasting their respective network schedules independently until then.

Thus the fate of such series as "One Tree Hill", "Everybody Hates Chris", "Supernatural", "Charmed", "&th Heaven" and "Everwood" are at present in the balance.